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Valentine’s Day Essay Contest Winner

Our essay writing contest was a huge success, all thanks to everyone who joined and shared their wonderful stories with us. Here’s a feature from Henry County Times when we announced our winners last weekend :

Tammy Tavares of Locust Grove was the winner of the “How We Met and Fell in Love” essay contest. Here is her entry.

In 2000, out of nowhere, I got divorce papers from my husband of 20 years, with whom I have two sons.

I met him at age 14, got engaged at 16 and was married at 18. I never saw it coming.

On my 35th birthday, I was served the divorce papers. I was broken and just numb. I swore off relationships forever.

After months of depression and working three jobs to provide for my two young sons, I was just a sad human being.

Then, without my knowledge, my sister put up a profile on me on a dating website. I did not even have a computer.

A strange man began calling me and I kept hanging up, but he was persistent. Finally, I answered, and he told me how he got my information. We chatted for three whole hours that evening.

I was very skeptical. However, for three months, we talked for hours on the phone. I then decided, what the heck. I was kind of excited and nervous.

I met him at the theater. He was a nice looking gentleman – well dressed and very articulate. It turned out he is a chemical engineer. He’s got the deepest, most beautiful brown eyes I’d ever seen and a smile that melted my heart of ice.

I hadn’t even gotten out of my car after returning from our date when he called and asked me out for the following weekend. He also asked if my children would like to join us. I was shocked a single guy would want this.

We went to a place that was called USA Play. We had burgers and played all evening. My kids were stoked, as they knew I could not afford such a luxurious outing.

From then on, once a month we had a family date. He was wonderful with my boys.

After dating for three years, he asked my children for my hand in marriage. We were married and, to this day, are still a family.

He has taken care of us as his own. He took care of my mom and dad until they died. My dad died of lung cancer and my mom died of ovarian cancer within two years of each other. He paid for their bills, insurance, funerals, food, etc.

This man I did not think was worth my time turned out to be one of the best men in this world. He is a child of God and, I am proud to say, my husband Alarick.

We now have added to our little family and even have two granddaughters. He makes me smile, laugh and come out of my shell.

Peachtree Peddlers announces Valentine’s essay contest winner